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Gael Strack, JD

Alliance for HOPE International

Gael Strack, Esq., is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alliance for HOPE International. She spearheaded much of the initial work and research on strangulation crimes from a prosecutor’s perspective.


In her role as CEO of the Alliance for HOPE International, she provides leadership for the following programs:

• The National Family Justice Center Alliance, which provides consulting to over 150 existing and pending Family Justice Centers around the world.   

• The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, which provides basic and advanced training on strangulation prevention to 5,000 professionals annually.  [link to www.strangulationtraininginstitue.com]

• The Justice Legal Network, an innovative public interest law firm of solo attorneys who have pledged to provide civil legal services to victims and their children.

• Camp HOPE America, which, under the leadership of Casey Gwinn, provides summer camp and mentoring experiences to help children exposed to violence heal.

• The VOICES Survivor Network - DV survivors who volunteer their time to provide awareness, education, outreach and feedback to their local Family Justice Center.


Prior to launching the Alliance for Hope with Casey Gwinn, Gael served as the Founding Director of the San Diego Family Justice Center, where she worked closely with 25 on-site government and non-profit agencies that, in 2002, came together to provide services to victims of domestic violence and their children from one location. Prior to her work at the Family Justice Center, Gael was a prosecutor at the San Diego City Attorney’s Office. She joined the office in 1987 and served in many capacities including Head Deputy City Attorney responsible for the Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Unit. 


Gael has worked with multiple state and local organizations as well as national ones, for example she is a former member of the American Bar Association's Commission on Domestic Violence. She has been honored with numerous awards, most recently by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as the 2010 Recipient of the National Crime Victim Service Award for Professional Innovation in Victim Services.


Gael is an adjunct law professor for California Western School of Law  where she teaches a course on domestic violence and the law. She has co-authored a series of articles and books about strangulation.To read her 2011 article "On the Edge of Homicide: A Prelude to Homicide" click here