Ortner Center on Violence & Abuse in Relationships

  • nia kuado

Nia Kaudo

School of Arts & Sciences 2018
Project Coordinator, From Cell to Home

Nia Kaudo is actively engaged in research, service, and community efforts to raise public awareness of mass incarceration and help those who have been affected by it. She is a member of the pre-law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International and an inaugural executive board member of Beyond Arrests: Re-Thinking Systematic Oppression (BARS), the first student-run organization at UPenn that concentrates on mass incarceration. Since graduating from Penn in May 2018, she has worked as a Capacity Building Coordinator at the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition. Nia participated in the Ortner Center’s From Cell to Home project for two years, first as a student and then as the project coordinator. Working under the guidance of Ortner Faculty Fellow Dr. Kathleeen Brown, Nia and Makayla Reynolds (another Ortner Student Fellow) submitted a petition to the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons seeking the release of a woman lifer. Naomi Blount was released in late spring 2019; only two other women lifers have been given this chance since 1990. Nia left Philadelphia in the summer of 2019 to begin law school at Ohio State University.