Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence

Sara Jaffe

School of Arts & Sciences, Department of Psychology

She is broadly interested in the links between exposure to violence and child and adolescent well-being. Her research tackles questions like: "What makes some children resilient to maltreatment and other forms of violence?" "Does a child's genetic makeup influence how sensitive a child is to violence?" "If some youth are more likely than other to be exposed to violence, are there social contextual factors that are protective?" and "To what extent does exposure to violence shape physiological stress response systems?"



In press:


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Jaffee, S. R., Takizawa, R., Merrick, M., & Arseneault, L. (in press). Supportive, stable, nurturing relationships buffer women with a history of maltreatment from poor physical and mental health. Psychological Medicine.





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Email: srjaffee@psych.upenn.edu