Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence

  • melissa dichter

Melissa Dichter, PhD

School of Medicine and Philadelphia VA Medical Center
Assistant Professor

As a social worker and researcher with expertise in understanding and addressing health and social service needs related to experience of intimate partner violence (IPV), Dr. Dichter is committed to using research to improve care for Veterans. She currently holds a five-year VA HSR&D Career Development Award to develop and test a model to assess and respond to Veterans’ IPV-related health and social service needs through the VHA. Her current work focuses on identifying and responding to the psychosocial needs of women military veterans, particularly as related to experience of IPV and associated social health concerns, including reproductive health, parenting, housing, social support, and economic stability. Dr. Dichter works with a team of mentors and colleagues both inside and outside the VA who have expertise in health services research and healthcare system intervention for addressing IPV. As the Philadelphia Site Lead for the VA Women’s Health Practice-Based Research Network, she has established relationships with leaders in women’s health research and practice across the VA system.




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