Ortner Center on Violence & Abuse in Relationships

  • tugce ellialti

Tugce Ellialti

School of Arts & Sciences

Tugce is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds a Graduate Certificate in the Study of Gender, Women, and Sexuality from the University of Pennsylvania. Her academic interests are in gender and sexuality studies, feminist theory, feminism and modernity in Turkey and the Middle East; sociology of law; gender, law, and violence against women; and cultural sociology.


Her dissertation looks at how cases of sexual violence are handled and processed in the medico-legal institutions and courts in the wake of significant reforms in Turkey. She studies how state institutions handle and process cases of sexual violence in the wake of legal reforms. More specifically, she examines the categories, distinctions, and hierarchies that state institutions produce while deciding a) what acts of sexual violence are subject to legal punishment, and b) which survivors are entitled to what kind of legal protection or redress. Her research seeks to shed light upon the implications of institutional responses to sexual violence against women for gender equality and justice in general, and for women’s access to state, law and citizenship rights and search for social justice in particular.


Faculty Advisors: 


Robin L. Leidner (co-chair), Emily C. Hannum (co-chair), Deborah A. Thomas (Anthropology), Fatma Muge Gocek (University of Michigan, Sociology and Women’s Studies)


Research Interests: 

Gender and sexuality, feminist theory, feminism and modernity in Turkey and the Middle East; violence against women; sociology of law; socio-legal studies; gender, law, and sexual violence; cultural sociology; political sociology; qualitative methods; social inequalities.


EMAIL: ellialti@sas.upenn.edu