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Alexander Izydorczyk

Economics and Statistics

Alexander Izydorczyk moved from Winnipeg, Canada, to Philadelphia and Penn, where he majors in Economics and Statistics at Wharton. He brings Internet scraping and statistical analysis skills to the Center. As a freshman, Alex replicated Bollen et al.'s paper - Twitter mood predicts the stock market. He used machine learning models to automate the classification of mined Twitter texts and applied the results to back-test trading decisions in order to investigate the relationship between social networks and financial markets.


He has worked in several settings, most recently in New York as a Proprietary Research Intern, where he composed novel data sets from unstructured, disjoint data using "big-data" infrastructure, and modeled traffic, customer churn, and revenue growth using a variety of machine learning techniques.


And he sometimes wears eyeglasses with a cool yellow stripe.


To get a sense of the projects Alex works on, click here.