Ortner Center on Violence & Abuse in Relationships

Travel support for students

The Ortner Center conference travel grant program supports doctoral students attending professional conferences that will advance their careers. Students are encouraged to apply to present their research at the conferences although being a presenter is not a requirement.


Eligibility & Allocation

Doctoral students enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania are eligible to apply to the Ortner Center for a travel grant if they do not have other funding available to them through their own School or elsewhere. If the costs of attending a conference exceed those available through other sources, students may apply to the Ortner Center for supplemental funding. Funds will be made available taking into account the number of students applying, the availability of other travel funds, the amount requested, and previous travel funding from the Ortner Center. 



  • Travel grant money may be used for transportation to the conference site, conference registration, lodging, and meals. For students who are presenting their work in a poster session, funds also may be used to cover costs of poster printing.
  • Priority will be given to applications for travel to conferences that include content related to violence within families or intimate relationships.
  • Applicants should consider the most economical options in developing the proposed budgets (the most economical form of travel, sharing accommodations when possible/appropriate, early student registration when available, etc.).
  • For conferences in the United States or Canada or Mexico, students can apply for grants of up to $1000. For other conferences, students can apply for grants of up to $1500.
  • Faculty and students associated with the Ortner Center will review all applications and make final determinations about awards.
  • A commitment for travel support will be made by the Ortner Center prior to the conference. Funds will be made available on an actual cost basis (i.e., receipts).
  • Students presenting at a conference are asked to acknowledge the Ortner Center in their presentation materials (e.g., posters, hand-outs, slides).

Application form

For a modifiable application form, click here.


For a list of prior travel grant recipients, click here.