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Kira-Lynn Ferderber

Safer Scenes 2017
Kira-Lynn Ferderber is a rapper and activist touring Canada and the United States teaching sexual violence mitigation and response on campuses, in bars, and at music festivals. As the creator of innovative programming in this field, Kira-Lynn frequently appears in print, television, and radio outlets as a subject matter expert for international news media. Kira-Lynn works as a primary prevention educator for a Florida rape crisis center and domestic violence shelter, with a personal focus on anti-racist bystander intervention training. Kira-Lynn is a former project coordinator of emerging ministries, and an award-winning writer on topics including hip-hop’s role in young people’s spirituality. A popular public speaker and conference presenter, Kira- Lynn enjoys designing and delivering radical workshops on disability activism, ending fat stigma, and creating revolutionarily safer communities. Central to Kira-Lynn’s solidarity work is the knowledge that violence cannot be ended without respect for sex workers, teenage girls, and gender nonconformists.