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Winter 2017 Newsletter - Technology & Women: Protection & Peril
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“I didn’t even check my e-mail!” – it was the ultimate early 21st century compliment. Ortner Center Director Susan B. Sorenson writes about the Fall 2016 symposium, Technology & Women: Protection & Peril. For more from Dr. Sorenson, click here.

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We inventoried current products and technologies that are designed to protect women, as well as those that put them in peril. For more on these products, click here.

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Excerpts from a speech given at our Fall 2016 symposium, Through the Magnifying Glass: Technology and Violence against Women, by S. Gülser Corat, Director of the Division of Gender Equality, UNESCO. To read these excerpts, click here.

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Participants in the Ortner Center’s Fall 2016 symposium, Technology & Women: Protection & Peril. To see a list of participants, click here.

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Whose Civil Rights?: Legislative Responses to Technology-Facilitated Violence Against Women, essay by Dr. Mary Anne Franks, University of Miami Law School and co-founder, Cyber Rights Initiative. To read more from Dr. Franks, click here.